Summer Youth Leadership Program


There is no greater investment than our youth. That is why for 22 summers, the Neighborhood Christian Center has used unique ways to teach young people leadership skills, valuable work ethic, and expose them to the concept of Christian Community Outreach through the Summer Leadership Program. We hope that each student will gain a new appreciation of, and/or new skills in the areas of living in the community and “being a part of the Body of Christ.” Possible areas for growth are: spiritual gifts, conflict resolution, service to those in need, developing friendships, work ethic and much more.

The youth will be busy learning dances, dramas, crafts, skits and working on their testimonies in order to share the Gospel with children across our city.  They will be serving at Vacation Bible Schools, day camps at the Leadership Home, performing at local Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs, just to name a few. The youth will be involved in volunteer work, college tours, worksite visits, Bible studies, and educational classes.

Please be in prayer for our summer program.  We will be interviewing perspective youth and asking our community to help through financial donations, providing/cooking meals, mentoring, teaching, and scholarship funding. We are so excited to begin another summer full of fun, fellowship, and most importantly growing closer to Jesus.