Summer Youth Leadership Program

    An End to Another FUNtastic Summer
by Regina Willingham

It seems like we’ve just begun and it has already come to the end. What incredible stories to tell, defining moments of growth, continuous laughter, and many spaces for self-evaluation. We were blessed with this group of remarkable young ladies. They entered the Summer Leadership Program with a lot of expectations, and we had just as many. All of us ended with our expectations met in Christ. The youth participated in an awesome team building Ropes program to start the summer off and it only transcended to an even greater finish. After spending many hours choreographing wonderful dance routines and creating Christ centered skits, they performed for the Boys and Girls Clubs and other groups throughout the community. The youth conveyed fun and excitement as they shared about Jesus with other young individuals. We have no doubt that these young women recognized that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of Christ. We want to thank everyone for praying, sharing life experiences, giving spiritual insight, mentoring, cooking and every other aspect that helped to make this year a success. A special thank you goes out to Muryd Scipio who added a new element of excitement and fun to the program this year with his Passion and Love for Christ and his unforgettable jokes!


Summer began with a Parent/Youth meeting


Teens loving, sharing, and teaching Boys and Girls Club


Teens had the opportunity to take a step  into future endeavors and dreams


The youth are all smiles heading into the finish line

Thanks for an awesome summer. Take everything that was given and go into the future with Christ, enthusiasm, faith, determination, love, and servanthood. These are important elements for a successful future.