Men’s Ministry


The Neighborhood Christian Center has always worked to educate people and make disciples, but over the past three years, we have become more intentional about developing our Education and Discipleship Ministries.  Education and discipleship are investments that yield life-changing dividends in the lives of those we serve and for our community.

Through faith-based classes and Bible studies, we see a lot of brokenness that turns to hope, which in turn creates a desire to go deeper in God’s Word and share the hope with others. On Tuesday evenings, around 25-30 men gather at the Center to share God’s Word together through Bible Studies taught by members of the class and local pastors.  These men come from every walk of life: local churches, faith-based re-habs, Morgan County Jail, and walk-ins right off the streets. The primary goal of this class is for men to come together and grow more intimately with Christ, while developing a strong support system to encourage and hold each other accountable.  As one class attendee shared “Thank you for helping me and teaching me how to manage my life better than I ever could have on my own.  I had been in jail for so long and didn’t think it mattered to God anymore what happened to me.  These classes helped me see that I was wrong, that God does love me and has a plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11)”  We are grateful for those who spend time teaching this class and helping provide meals every Tuesday night for these dedicated men.

The first Kairos at Decatur Work Release was a great success.  Neighborhood Christian Center volunteers – Larry Dunlap, Norman Roby and Tim Bolding had the honor to participate. Twenty four male inmates experienced this life changing experience.  Thank you for your prayers and all those who baked cookies (especially our Decatur Heritage students). The prayers made a huge difference in feeling the intense presence of the Holy Spirit.  Kairos #61 at Limestone prison will occur in April.  Please be in prayer for this upcoming opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your partnership with the Neighborhood Christian Center as we serve the community.  As our ministry opportunities increase so does our need for volunteers, in-kind donations (including vehicles), teachers, mentors and financial support.  Be in prayer about where God might use you to partner with us in Kingdom.