Current Programs

Compassionate Ministries:
Food Pantry and Clothes Closet and Household/Furniture: Donated food, clothes, household items, furniture, and hygiene items are distributed throughout the city and county.

Emergency Assistance: Utility assistance provided to those in difficult financial situations.

Educational Programs:
Jobs for Life Classses: Currently teaching or have taught the Jobs for Life program ( to males, females and youth in different settings; such as women’s residential alcohol/drug treatment, jails, prison and youth programs. The purpose of JFL is to elevate the power of work to transform lives. It trains people not only how to get a job, but keep a job.

Relationship Classes: Currently teaching relationship classes focusing on healthy dating relationships, healthy marriages and parenting, step-parenting, and youth relationships.

Celebrate Recovery Classes/Life’s Healing Choices: These classes deal with people’s hurts, hang-ups and habits. It focuses on a Christ-centered recovery; providing a safe place for people to share their experiences, strengths and hopes while working through difficult issues in their lives.

Bible Studies: Bible studies are taught weekly at the NCC, Morgan County Jail, and in youth programs.

Life Skills 101: A new class created in-house at the NCC. This class is six two hour sessions dealing with addictions, relationships, employment/education, finances, resources available, and a home plan. The class is currently being taught in partnership with Morgan County Community Corrections/Drug Court, Lawrence County & Morgan County Jail inmates, and drug/alcohol faith-based residential rehabs.


Children and Youth Ministries:
Summer Youth Leadership Program: This is a summer urban missionary program for teenagers and young adults. The youth present the gospel through song, dance, drama, crafts and games. They attend classes that relate to relationships, education, finances, employment, and Biblical studies.

C.A.P.S. College Assistance and Program Services: CAPS is a program for young adults graduating from high school to the age of 24. CAPS participants receive a mentor, a college box (that contains school supplies, snacks, and hygiene products), refurbished computers (as donated), and some financial assistance through purchase of their books.

– Backyard Bible Club: This is an after school club for children of all ages to learn and grow in God’s word. We play games, eat snack, and learn memory verses, missionary stories, and Bible stories.This club is a partnership with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

Women’s Transitional Home:

The Neighborhood Christian Center’s Transitional Home for Women is a Christian based transitional home that will provide a temporary transitional bridge for women who desire a sober and supportive environment to help continue long term sobriety.  The women who will reside in the home will agree to live a life clean and sober outside of recovery centers and remain active in their new life program.  NCC’s Transitional Home will provide support services through a 6 to 12 – month program; that will address the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.  Residents will be required to attend mandatory classes and be assigned a mentor, They will seek, find and maintain employment, while working closely with the NCC’s Workforce Development Team.  They will maintain a workable budget, acquire domestic skills and achieve goals of self-sufficiency.

Holiday Assistance:

Thanksgiving Outreach: Help with organizing a community meal that delivers around 700 meals and serves another 200 meals to those in need of a Thanksgiving meal.

Christmas Outreach: Families receive baskets of food, children receive toys, and needy families are paired with more fortunate families to share blessings.