Current Needs



Urgent Food Pantry Needs:
-Canned Fruits
-Canned Meats
-Tuna Helper

Current Needs:
Baskets for Christmas Store
Girls underwear sizes 2-8
Women’s underwear
Men’s socks
Ongoing Needs
-paper products
-toilet paper
-laundry and cleaning supplies


*The NCC is in need of cars/vans to be used by the NCC and our residents at the NCC Transitional Home.  Our current vehicles are aging and need to be replaced.  Many of the programs we offer require transportation and our ladies in our transitional home need a reliable  car/van to help with transportation to work.  You can receive a tax credit, while helping the NCC out. 


The Lord has blessed the NCC with multiple ministries and expanded our territory. With this expansion brings more financial costs to operate all the areas of ministry.   Please prayerfully consider partnering with us through monthly support or one-time financial gifts.  Donate Now